2019 RV Family Conference

Learn how to travel with your family in an RV.
 Get the inside story from families doing it today!  

Are you dreaming of hitting the road with your family...but don't know where to start? Or maybe you've just launched and you're feeling a bit nervous about what you've gotten yourself into.

There may be so many questions brewing in your head, it's easy to put this off for "one day" down the road vs. make it happen. Yet...our children are only with us for so long.

We've found that even 90 days of full-time travel can make a huge impact on your family togetherness, and break the "glass ceiling" of what travel you thought was possible for your family. 

Come to the RV Family Conference so you can learn, make connections, build community, and become empowered to embark on this exciting new journey in your family's lives. 

  • What RV should I get?
  • Do I need  a truck, a van, or a toad (and what is a toad)?
  • question-circle-o
    Should I keep my house? Or find a domicile?
  • question-circle-o
    How will I handle schooling on the road?
  • question-circle-o
    What are rallies, and why would I want to go?
  • question-circle-o
    Can someone help me with the basics of RVing (sewer hoses?)
  • question-circle-o
    How do I make money on the road?
  • question-circle-o
    I need great internet - how do I ensure I have it?
  • question-circle-o
    What do I really need to buy ahead of time?
  • question-circle-o
    How do I handle medical issues on the road?
  • question-circle-o
    What memberships are best to get for families?
  • question-circle-o
    What are the best RV Maintenance tips?

It may be time to start making plans for 2019 - starting with... 


7 Reasons You Should Come to the 
Dreamers RV Family Conference

  • You are ready to learn how to avoid the top RV newbie mistakes from the experts!
  • You're eager to find a community of other RVing families.
  • You've had the dream, and now, you're ready to make it a reality!
  • You're ready to make the decision on your family RV...and you'd love some help in the process.
  • You are excited about the support, both from our mentors at Full Time Families, Let's Travel Family, and Mama Says Namaste...as well as from the online groups and rallies we'll connect you with!
  • You get $100 off the "90 Day Family Road Trip" online course to get you started with the steps before you even make it to the conference.
  • You hit the road already, but feel lost and need some guidance from those that want to help!
  • Who: For families looking to RV full-time, shopping for the right RV, or for families who already have their RV and want to be educated on what to expect with this full-time RV lifestyle
  • Where: Lazy Days RV Resort & Conference Center, Tampa Florida Change - Jellystone in Madison, Florida
  • What: 3-day conference event packed full of great seminars to answer your biggest questions to full-time RV living with kids, what RV you might need, how to use your current RV and much much more!
  • When: February 7-9th, 2019 Change of date! March 1st - 3rd, 2019
  • Why: Because it's time to stop hoping for "one day" and start the process to make it happen!

Imagine if in just 3 days you could...

  • Learn all you need to know to travel the country in an RV
  • Meet and connect with other like-minded families
  • Get all my questions asked by full-time RV living family veterans

You don't have to think of what life COULD be like.

You CAN create the life you want!

Sign Up Now!  Only 24 tickets still available!

Tony & Jill with Let's Travel Family

Let's Travel Family

We began full-time RV living with our 4 kids back in May, 2017. When we launched we were ready to live our lives RIGHT NOW, yet we didn't expect such a high learning curve. 

It wasn't until we met other full-time traveling families that we began to find our community, learn from many others, and build the long-lasting relationships we were seeking. 

With our blog, vlog, and insta @LetsTravelFamily, we have set out to help inspire other families to live their dreams now. If that includes becoming an RV family, then we are there to help provide answers to many of your questions and help your dreams come true. 

Let's Travel Family

Jill & Tony Greising-Murschel (aka the GM's)

4 kiddos ages 9 and under

Ashley & Nathan Logsdon with Mama Says Namaste

Mama Says Namaste

Mama Says Namaste Logo

On October 10th, 2016, we launched our RVing adventures, and right before our 2 year "Nomadiversary", we accomplished traveling to all of the lower 48 States!

Through our lessons learned and Ashley's business as a Marriage & Family coach, we developed a free webinar and online course around the concept of a "90 Day Family Road Trip". Digging deeper than the standard "How to RV" fare, we dive deep into the family expectations and how to all get on the same page so that it's a dream everyone pursues together. 

Through the Mama Says Namaste Podcast, blog, videos and our journey on insta as the @FieldTripGypsies, we're eager to share our story and help you create your own!

Mama Says Namaste

Ashley and Nathan Logsdon

3 kiddos ages 6, 9 and 11 1/2

Jill & Dustin Denkins with Fulltime Families

Fulltime Families

We have been traveling full time in an RV for over 5 years with our 4 kids.   

Although we have lived in houses, apartments, off-grid cabins, and Sailboats, none have compared to the experience of traveling with our children in an RV.  When we launched there were very few other families doing the same thing, so we helped build Fulltime Families into a wonderful community of traveling families.  

Meeting other traveling families is the key to an enjoyable family experience.  Once you find "your tribe", and build long-lasting relationships with friends, you will wonder why you didn't do this sooner.  

Fulltime Families is a community of traveling families, providing education, discounts, and events for other traveling families with kids. Attending a Fulltime Families Rally is a "must do event!" 

Fulltime Families

Jill and Dustin Denkins

4 kiddos ages 6 to 13

Launch Your Full-Time RV Lifestyle with your Family Now!

Get motivated, inspired, and supported by other families that have either recently begun the full-time traveling lifestyle, or those that aspire to do so soon. 

Learn RV Beginner 101 Skills that will help you Alleviate your Stress

Learn hands on how you back up a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome. Learn about packing your bearings, tires, setting up camp, and yes....dumping the black tank! Learn from those that have been doing these each week for years!

Have All Your Questions Asked About Traveling With Kids

Find out the best tips for long road trips with kids, how to manage food and potty breaks, and how to do bedtime routines in an RV with kids! Talk to us about your homeschool questions and options. We will be there to answer them all!

Build Your Community Early On!

The RV Family Conference may not be a Fulltime Families rally, but it will ABSOLUTELY be a great starting place to build your community in person with other like-minded families!

RV Family Conference - February 7th - 9th, 2019

RV Family Conference - March 1st - 3rd, 2019



What's Included In My Registration Fee?

  • check
    Seminars and presentations by full-time traveling family veterans
  • check
    Checklists, To-do Lists, and other helpful print materials.
  • check
    Light breakfast, coffee & beverages will be provided at the Conference each day 
  • check
    Community! A chance to meet other families that are trying to do the same thing!
  • check
    Q & A session with a panel of Full-Time RV Parents
  • check
    A BIG bag of swag from our sponsors
  • check
    Membership to the private RV Family Conference Facebook Group

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What about lodging?

I'm already attending the Fulltime Families Rally directly after the RV Family Conference, can I do both?

This sounds great, but what about my kids?

What is the Cancellation Policy?

How much will it cost if we come alone or if we bring the kids?